The Shack

The shack consists of a Yaesu FTDX5000MP Limited with Heil PR-781 Microphone, Alpha 8410 linear, a Palstar antenna tuner for 160 meter, and an Icom 910H for VHF/UHF.

Outside there is a inverted L for 160, an inverted L for 75, and homebrew GAMMA fed vertical for 40 meters. I also added a full wave beverage for 160. It also works great on 80/75 and 40. All the antennas are resonant except the 160 Inverted L requires tuning above 1.875 Mhz. On the tower a Innovoantenna 6 element 6 meter yagi.

I run digital modes and have a second HF rig an FTDX-1200 with Heil Gold Line Microphone, dedicated for those modes and 6 meters. Just finished converting a Kenwood TL-922 to 6 Meters. I have most the hardware to run some EME on 2 and 70 in the future. I enjoy 160,75,40 meters, as well as 15 and 10 when atmospherics permit.

I have a 4 element 20 meter monobander going up soon, as I beleive it will be needed with the on coming decline in the solar cycle.

W8CT Deer Camp Portable

 At the hunting camp a few miles north of this QTH I plan on running the following:

An ICOM IC-7300, QRO 3KDX Amplifier, Heathkit SA-2060 Tuner. The antenna’s are an Inverted “L” for 160, also a 160 meter beverage for a receiver antenna.

If all goes well this location should be up and on the air before the end of September 2019.