Shack & Bio


Hello All … The shack consists of a Yaesu FTDX5000MP Limited with a Heil PR-781 microphone, Alpha 8410 linear, a Palstar antenna tuner for 160 meter, an Icom 910H for VHF/UHF. Outside there is a inverted L for 160,an inverted L for 75,and homebrew GAMMA fed vertical for 40 meters. I also added a full wave beverage for 160. It also works great on 80/75 and 40. All the antennas are resonant except the 160 Inverted L requires tuning above 1.875 Mhz. On the tower a Innovoantenna 6 element 6 meter yagi and soon a 4 element 20 meter mono bander. I run digital modes and have a second HF rig an FTDX-1200 with a Heil Gold Line microphone, dedicated for those modes and 6 meters. Just finished converting a Kenwood TL-922 to 6 Meters.  I have most of the hardware to run some EME on 2 and 70 in the future. I enjoy 160,75,40 meters, as well as 15 and 10 when atmospherics permit. I have a 4 element 20 meter monobander going up soon, as I beleive it will be needed with the on coming decline in the solar cycle.
It is mostly a winter hobby for me. Bluegrass & traditional music,( I play guitar and a little mandoline), golf and shooting sports take up the summer. I taught the electronics programs at the local vocational school and community college. I worked at the Intermediate School District as the computer network administrator and telecommunications technician to pay the bills, but retired July 1, 2015. My wife is also an amatuer, W8AMA. My present radio goal is WAS on 160 Phone, only one to go, Alaska. The kids are grown and married and I now have four grand daughters and one grandson. My son-in-law Mike got the bug and is now an Extra Class WY8F, my daughter Anne just got her vanity call K8AKO, my grand daughter Elaina is now K8HYP. The current building project is a pair of 3-500Z’s on 6 Meters. I am a Vietnam vet, I was in the USAF, and the Michigan Air National Guard. I am a VEC. First place, Michigan Section, CQ World Wide 160 Meter SSB multiple operator 4 times.

The equipment rack ..

Palstar AT2K Antenna Tuner

Home Brew High Current radio & antenna switching

Alpha 8410 Amplifier

Kenwood TL-922A converted for 6 Meters